Peter Walsh – Beeing commercial witout selling out – Producing Daniel Blumberg

(Bild: Arnau Oriol Sanchez)

Peter Walsh about his workshop at the Studioszene:

“There’s a fine line between commercial and alternative music. When does a production cross that line? Many of the artists I have worked with over the years have wanted to avoid mainstream music culture, opting for more alternative production values to help protect their individuality and to be able to continue developing on their own terms. The challenge is to come up with a sound that still enables them to reach an audience, and a production which can fulfil the hopes and ambitions of the record labels. It’s like the artist changing public perception rather than the public dictating how an artist should sound. My recent work with Daniel Blumberg illustrates how this can be possible.”

Saturday, 7th September 2019

12:45 pm. − 1:45 pm. − Peter Walsh: Beeing commercial without selling out − Producing Daniel Blumberg (English)

Friday, 06th September 2019

2:30 pm.− 3:15 pm.− Peter Walsh, Philipp Weiss, Mick Guzauski: Communication with Artists − Speaking the language of musicians (English)

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