Sylvia Massy: her secret ingredient

Sylvia Massy
Sylvia Massy
In this presentation, Sylvia Massy talks about her vast experience with recording sessions, and goes on to explain her secret ingredient for success. So many producers focus on technical perfection, and of course Sylvia cares about quality too. But if the performances are not amazing, the end result is an average session that was well recorded. Sylvia believes the performance is vastly more important than anything else, but how does she consistently get great performances in the pressure cooker of a big studio session?
The answer is her secret ingredient. That ingredient is how she conducts herself, and the psychology of working with musicians. Her insights in this area have a huge effect on the session. Sylvia is consistently able to enter the studio, put everyone band at ease, and then somehow create a party atmosphere where suddenly the normal rules don’t apply, and suddenly anything seems possible. And from that atmosphere, the creativity flows and the performances step up to the next level. She also reveals some technical tricks for achieving this.

Friday, 06th September 2019


4:30 − 5:15 p.m. − Sylvia Massy, Toni Loitsch, Nils Dreyer: Studio wiring − Voodoo or real?


6:30 − 8:00 p.m. − Sylvia Massy: The Secret Ingredient


Saturday, 7th September 2019


10:30 − 12:00 p.m. Sylvia Massy − tba.


4:15 − 6:00 p.m. − Listening-Session with Sylvia Massy, Peter Walsh and Mick Guzauski

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