By Sound & Recording
By Sound & Recording

Workshop: Saturation in modern audio production

In this workshop at the Studioszene Christian Sager – electronics design & software engineer of klanghabitat – explains what saturation is,  why you need it and what the different types are (tube, tape, transformer). He also shows the differences between digital and analog with audio examples.

What you learn: 

– When To Use Saturation? (Glue, Transient Cntrl., richness, etc.)

– How To find the right Amount of Saturation?

– When does Saturation makes the sound better?

– When does Saturation ruins the sound?

When: October 17th

Time: 15:15 – 15:45

Where: Gear Stage


So setzt du Sättigung richtig ein – Hardware vs. Plug-in


Klanghabitat manufactures high-end audio equipment designed in Sweden and manufactured in Germany. We build what you love because we share the same passion.

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